Kelly Perkins was going about the business of creating a good life with her husband Craig in Southern California. Their happy life came to an abrupt stop when Kelly found herself in the hospital with virally induced idiopathic cardiomyopahy and after an intense life or death three years struggle, her heart lost its battle with congestive heart failure. In November of 1995, while at UCLA Medical Center, she was the fortunate recipient of donor blood and a donor heart. This was huge, life changing! She said good bye to any kind of normal. Life was redirected; she found her purpose intention, and ultimately…a story!

Since her transplant, she has gained international recognition for her remarkable courage and landmark accomplishments in climbing mountains—the first ever with a donor heart. Kelly’s accomplishments set her apart from other climbers because physically her heart functions different than her native heart. Her donor heart is denervated, meaning the brain cannot automatically send messages to hasten the supply of blood to the body during strenuous activity. . . Therefore, Kelly's heart does not "know" immediately when to start beating faster to match the exertion of her body and therefore has to rely on adrenaline. 

Craig Perkins is a veteran heart transplant caregiver and avid outdoor enthusiast who brings a personal commitment to their projects including climbs, speaking, and foundation all which compliments their “moving” mission. Craig is the current Owner of Ruby Street Ventures which oversees several business enterprises operating in the Real Estate, Transportation and Medical/Health & Wellness space.  He is also the inventor and co-founder of HydraCoach, makers of the first portable interactive fluid device designed to monitor proper hydration in medical and athletic applications. As a result of Craig’s personal experiences, he has become a global crusader for organ and blood donation. In addition to appearing on multiple television programs, as well as in magazines and newspapers, Craig and his wife are sought after speakers by private and public organizations. Craig earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with a minor in Business in 1983 from the University of San Francisco. He resides in Laguna Beach, California where he has been happily married to Kelly for over 27+ years. Traveling the world, climbing mountains and living a purposeful existence are just a few of the characteristics that make up Craig’s zest for life.

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